Is 5G making you Sick?

The concerns about 5G technology’s impact on health have been a topic of discussion, with various perspectives and research outcomes. Here’s what experts have concluded:

  1. Health Effects of 5G: Research, including a pragmatic review on studies regarding frequencies from 6 to 100 GHz, indicates that 5G technology, operating within these frequencies, does not pose significant health risks. This is based on available scientific data and understanding of electromagnetic fields (EMFs) related to 5G wireless communication.
  2. Diversity in Impact: It’s noted that 5G’s widespread use could potentially impact a diverse population. However, experts mention that certain genetic factors might influence individual sensitivity to radiation, although this is not specifically tied to 5G radiation.
  3. Debunking Myths: There are widespread concerns about the health risks of 5G, but according to Deloitte Insights, these concerns have no basis in fact. Effective education about 5G is crucial to addressing and curbing these popular misconceptions.
  4. WHO’s Position: The World Health Organization (WHO) is actively reviewing scientific evidence related to potential health risks from 5G exposure as the technology is deployed. This ongoing research is essential in understanding and addressing public health concerns.
  5. Experts’ Opinions on Radiation and Health: The scientific community continues to examine emerging issues in the field of radiation and health, including the potential population health effects from 5G technology.
  6. Scientific Consensus: According to various experts, there is no scientifically substantiated adverse health effect that can be attributed to standard 5G installations. This consensus comes from a rigorous examination of the available scientific data.

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