Cloud security providers differentiators – Zscaler versus Netskope

Zscaler and Netskope are both leading cloud security providers that offer solutions to secure cloud-based applications and internet traffic. However, please note that the information provided here might not be up-to-date as their offerings and features might have evolved since then. I’ll try to highlight some general differentiators between the two based on their common capabilities at that time:

  1. Focus and Approach:
    • Zscaler: Zscaler is primarily known for its cloud security platform that provides secure access to internet resources and cloud applications. Its approach involves routing traffic through its global network of data centers, where security policies are enforced before allowing access to the internet or cloud services.
    • Netskope: Netskope, too, offers a cloud-native security platform but with a strong emphasis on data security and data loss prevention (DLP). It focuses on providing granular visibility and control over sensitive data as it moves across cloud applications and services.
  2. Architecture:
    • Zscaler: Zscaler uses a multi-tenant cloud architecture, which means that multiple customers share the same infrastructure, but their data is logically isolated to ensure security and privacy.
    • Netskope: Netskope also operates in the cloud, but they employ a containerized architecture that aims to provide enhanced isolation and scalability for their customers.
  3. Security Capabilities:
    • Both Zscaler and Netskope offer a range of security features like web filtering, firewall, secure web gateway, threat protection, and more. However, the emphasis on specific capabilities might differ.
    • Zscaler is often praised for its strong emphasis on security performance and scalability, making it a popular choice for large enterprises with global operations.
    • Netskope has garnered recognition for its focus on data-centric security, offering advanced DLP capabilities and extensive visibility into cloud data usage.
  4. User Experience and Performance:
    • Zscaler is known for its ability to deliver security at scale with minimal performance impact due to its extensive global network and optimized architecture.
    • Netskope’s containerized architecture is designed to provide high performance and low latency to ensure a seamless user experience.
  5. Integration and Partnerships:
    • Both companies have worked to establish partnerships and integrate with various cloud service providers and security vendors to enhance their offerings and provide comprehensive solutions.

It’s essential to understand that the cloud security market is constantly evolving, and both Zscaler and Netskope continue to innovate and improve their services. When evaluating any cloud security solution, it’s crucial to consider your organization’s specific needs, existing infrastructure, and long-term security strategy. Therefore, it’s recommended to review the latest information, conduct thorough research, and potentially even pilot the solutions to make an informed decision that aligns with your business requirements.

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